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Australian Home Design Guide

James Hardie’s Australian Home Design Guide is all about inspiring your vision

– and then helping you achieve it.

We ask a lot of our homes these days. They need to be beautiful, practical, durable, sustainable as well as balance work and life. That’s why the vision for your home is so important.

Great design is about making our homes usable. Today, rooms and spaces are designed for flexibility and liveability, to be used in different ways at different times.

The outside is brought in. We’ve shut the glass panel doors and ditched “the good room”. We build to work with the landscape, not to leave a stamp on it.

Whether it’s the coastal feel and timeless appeal of the Hamptons style, or the simple, sleek, clean lines of the modern looks we’re about helping Australians find their look.

“Our homes have always said something about the way we live. Now, how Australians are living is changing. Our vision for our homes has never been more important. Liveability comes from flexible, quality homes”

Our design guide has expert tips featuring award winning architect Joe Snell, and
leading design and construct builder from Futureflip Neil Hipwell. Plus, the guide is
packed with advice on:

  • Home design essentials
  • Making the most of your site
  • Finding the right look for you
  • Using the right materials for your vision
  • Connecting inside with out

Download James Hardie Australian Design Guide here.



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