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Kitchener Installation featuring Axon™ cladding

Project Name

Kitchener – Scandi-Barn duplex


North Bondi




M I Linings 


Discover the latest project from Futureflip featuring Axon™ cladding by James Hardie.

For this project the clients wanted a Scandi-barn style home that will stand out among the traditional Australian terrace style homes in the area. Futureflip knew Axon cladding 133mm smooth was the perfect product to achieve a bold, modern, striking façade.

Made from James Hardie fibre cement, Axon is impact resistant and durable, so it won’t warp, crack or swell.  It’s also quick and easy to install because the sheets are cut to fit common wall frame sizes and you can gun nail to timber frames to speed up the installation process even more.

Axon cladding is made from James Hardie fibre cement, which means you can achieve the drama of painted vertical joint timber but without any of the associated durability issues.

Check out the video below for more. We cant wait to see the end result!

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